On-Site Scrub Shows

What is a “Scrub Show”?

For uniform companies, scrub shows are when they travel to a hospital, nursing home, or office and take product directly to the facilities to sell. Bringing in scrubs is a must but many times, shoes as well as accessories are brought in. The product is brought directly to the employees to purchase during work. Many of these facilities use scrub shows as a fundraiser and a portion of the sales will go back into their auxiliary funds. There is no extra cost to the facility or to the employees to host a scrub show, all that is needed is an extra room to fit all the racks.

At Uniforms & More, all our shows are based out of our Huntington store inventory. We load our inventory onto mobile rack and roll them into our trailer to transport easily into the facility. We customize our racks to each facilities dress code and we try our best to bring only what is allowable for employees to wear. At a typical show we have 12-16 racks, depending on the size of the facility; and around 8-12 different shoes, as well as socks, stethoscopes, and other nursing accessories. At a show we accept payroll deduction as well as cash, and credit/debit cards, this makes it easy for employees who do not typically carry their purses and wallets on them while at work. They can simply fill out a form that we later turn into the payroll department. This makes shopping quick and easy and some facilities allow deductions out of multiple paychecks, so it is not as large of a withdrawal all at once.

We gladly travel to other counties in Indiana as well as surrounding states! Call 260-436-8180 for more information or to set up a show at your facility!